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Arrived in 2013

The Singapore-based business was formed in the summer of 2013, and our Managing Director arrived at the beginning of 2013-Q4. There's a lot to do!


There are many interesting opportunities available with our set of skills. However, we are going to take our time, and think strategically about which markets to tackle first.

Let's Talk!

We're looking to learn all we can about what's going on in Singapore - and hope that we can contribute meaningfully in whatever your plans are too.

Company Datapoints

Cambridge Solutions Ltd

The original Cambridge Solutions Ltd was formed in the early 90s, when the Founder was doing a PhD in Machine Learning at Cambridge University. Its first business line was in computer hardware.


Formed to create (a early high yield bond pricing service), PLATFORMedia is a New York technology business that licenses IP and makes investments in related businesses.

Britton Hill Capital

This is the successor business to Fieldstone Capital Group - both working with affiliated Broker-Dealers in New York. Trading bonds and structures, and now capital raising through BHC.

Next Steps...

The aim in Singapore is to combine the various elements (such as Machine Learning, Technology Startups and Finance) into a business that can produce something truely meaningful.